About Surgery

An injury that causes a breakage in the connectivity between two nerves can be fixed through nerve regeneration, a surgical procedure of redirecting the damaged nerve towards the sensory unit. This is performable if the nerve has been sharply cut but in cases where the nerve is damaged beyond repair, such a procedure might not be productive.

Thanks to the improvement and advancement in the field of science and technology, in cases of those injuries or damages where the nerve-end has been trimmed away we can use something as a nerve graft. A nerve graft is a bridge between two nerves. These grafts are taken from other parts of the body. The nerves are taken out depending on the need of users. However, the grafting process can have several side-effects, for instance, numbness in the areas from which the nerve has been grafted. The numbness will not indefinite. It’s just for the time it takes the are of the donor nerve . When numbness persists for too long, a nerve transfer is suggested which is the transfer of functioning nerves close to the injured area to the injured part.